When you learn to play violin with the Violin Book Series, doors to adventure open up to you!

Although these books are sometimes affectionately known as the "Raccoon book" series, and are simple to use, (parents, even with no prior musical training can successfully teach their child to play), behind these colorful covers lies an Epoch Series in Masterful Violin Training!

With over 25 years of research behind the series, and years of clinical trials, each book has been carefully structured in a very precise way. First, all terms are carefully defined, and then each skill is presented in a highly illustrated, step-by-step lesson format. Using Checksheets that give exact instructions on how to practice each page, the series transcends all other books, because it is a Curriculum with the "Teacher there for you, for every step, in the Books"!

The author, Eden Vaning, a world class violinist and Master Violin Teacher, has an amazing performance and teaching background. Her major goal and passion has been to create a simple pathway to enable everyone to be able to learn to play the violin, viola and cello.

Your child can learn to play the violin and love it!

At last, a FUN NEW APPROACH to teach your child how to play the violin, so SIMPLE that even a parent with no background in music, can experience success! And for those who wish to self teach (at any age), these are the books you have been looking for! Top Level Training by a Master Violin Teacher, step-by-step!

Why settle for just the ordinary, when you can EXPERIENCE something DIFFERENT! There's a TEACHER in EVERY BOOK!

Is your child the next Mozart? You may have the next great violinist living in your house right now. You can now develop your child's interest in music into a fully formed skill, quickly and more easily than you may think.

Eden Vaning-Rosen's series of violin books are the easiest, most step-by-step way to learn violin.

These books were written to make learning the violin as simple as possible. Lesson by lesson any person, any adult, any senior, any child, even as young as four years old, can learn, and love, playing the violin. You will enjoy every victory as much as, if not more than, the students themselves.

A quote from the author says it best. This is from the foreword of the first book:

If ever there was a magic moment in my life, it's right now as I write this manuscript. I have spent countless years watching the happy, elated faces of my students as they learned to conquer and control their bodies until they reached the effortless peak of producing beautiful, aesthetic music.

There is nothing more enriching than witnessing the ecstatic glow on student's faces when they see their hard work pay off, whether it be performing breathtakingly in a recital, achieving first chair positions in their orchestras, winning important musical competitions, or just achieving personal self-confidence and satisfaction.

The reward of watching the excitement of a student hearing a new piece he wants to learn, and knowing he can accomplish it; the college scholarships, the awards and opportunites for the students - what magical moments of happiness seeing my students' dreams come true.

Eden Vaning-Rosen

Can parents help their child learn Violin?

Yes. You need no musical background to use the books.

The pictures and explanations are so simple, a child could actually teach a parent from the books!

What is the secret of learning to be a good violinist?

The Violin Book 1 covers this. The secret to learning to be a good violinist starts with a good bow hand. It is the energy of the bow hand that breathes the "Life Breath" into violin music.

Again, these books are meant to be simple. Here is an example of just how easy these books are to read:

The bow (right) hand should be learned first. The basics of good sound are given in The Violin Book series.

When can the student play songs?

As early as Violin Book 1 your child will begin playing simple songs. These are designed to get the student familiar with how to play, and give them confidence that they can play violin.

Then, when the student reaches Violin Book 2, they learn a very SIMPLE Fingering System, so the student can concentrate on the basics of using his or her fingers. With this System, songs can be played right away.

And with the accompanying piano parts on the "Practice & Performance" CD's, your child will love to perform concerts for his friends. And you'll hear an example of everything your child needs to learn on these CDs, so you and he/she will always know exactly what he/she is to sound like. You'll find lots of help you can really use throughout the books.

As the books progress, you will master, in a step-by -step format, the more complicated and difficult songs. A tape recorder can be a very handy way of letting your child hear his or her own progress as the lessons continue. They, and you, will love hearing just how far they have come.

Parents ask

"I've heard that learning to play an instrument gives children a tremendous advantage with their reading skills, and so they do much better in school. Is this true?"

Yes. Tests have shown, students who play the Violin find they do better in school academics, gain self-esteem and leadership qualities.

"I don't know anything about the violin. So, how can I help my child play the right notes so that they sound correct?"

Parents are given a special guide in the Appendix, simple enough even a "Tone-deaf" parent can help a child make their songs sound right!

"Music Notation looks like a whole new foreign language to me. Just how hard is it to actually learn what all these symbols mean?"

Each symbol is presented one at a time and clearly defined in a clever way so that the student will be able to remember and use it easily. You'll love the ease with which you will learn to read music notation.

Each book comes with its own lesson plan

Every book in the Violin Book Series comes with a check sheet that takes the student through the book.

These check sheets lay out each step, one at a time, that make following the lessons simple and fun. The check sheet is "the Teacher", that carefully guides you as it lays out each step, one at a time, and makes following the lessons simple and fun.

How to get your child started

If one follows The Violin Book Series Program, not skipping any pages or drills, and carefully learns each part, a well-taught, confident Violinist emerges who has the technical expertise to reach any level of skill they want to accomplish.

Here a little girl is playing the violin at five years old

The clarity and simplicity of the pictures make The Violin Book a joy for anyone to use!

The carefully evolved presentation of the material helps the student to walk up to higher degrees of ability of violin playing, all the while enjoying and sharing their talent with others.

The wonderful world of music making on the violin unfolds beautifully for you with The Violin Book Series.

How to get started with the violin

In Book 1 your child will learn

  • The parts of the violin and bow
  • Violin concert manners
  • How to hold the violin correctly with muscle strengthening drills
  • Learn to hold the bow correctly using an awesomely simple approach that is fun
  • The first two strings (there are four total)
  • Learn how to play with a straight bow stroke
  • Where to put the bow on the string
  • Learn how to produce a rich, squeakless sound
  • Learn and perform your first violin concert
  • And lots, lots more

Your child will be playing simple songs in this book.

144 pages
142 illustrations
Comes with companion CD - Correct Hold and Elements of Sound Production