Cello Book 1: Beginning Basics

This book gives the sudent familiarity with the basics of cello playing. The book is full of pictures that make learning an easy, step-by-step, fun activity for both the parent and the student.

Kids love the pictures and the excercises in the book, and are able to quickly grasp the ideas of cello playing. The book is meant to be so easy that there is no chance the child can get confused, unlike any other book on the subject.

Can a parent help their child learn Cello?

Yes. You need no musical background to use the books.

The pictures and explanations are so simple, a child could actually teach a parent from this book!

What if adults want to learn?

The Cello Book is presented in a way to attract and hold young folks' interest. However the teaching material is perfect for adults to learn as well. Adults love this book series.

What is the Secret of learning to be a good cellist?

The Secret to learning to be a good cellist starts with a good bow hand. It is the energy of the bow hand that breathes the "Life Breath" into cello music. Mastering the bow hand should be learned first. The Basics of good sound production are presented in The Cello Book 1.

This valuable book offers you the secrets of bow tone production used by Master Cellists in Carnegie Hall performances, broken down into an easy-to-learn, step-by-step format.

How to get started with the cello

In Book 1 your child will learn

  • The parts of the cello
  • The parts of the bow
  • How to stand or sit while holding the cello
  • The first two strings (there are four total)
  • Where to put the bow on the string
  • How to play with the up AND the down bow strokes
  • And lots more

Your child will be playing simple songs in this book.

144 pages
142 illustrations
Comes with companion CD - Practice & Performance CD