Violin Book 0: Let's Get Ready for Violin

Violin Book 0 contains games for very young children, designed to develop the skills which are necessary in playing the violin.

Very carefully thought out progressive exercise to teach a very young child to listen, (fun discipline), to make silence, to develop muscle strength, to develop co-ordination, to feel rhythms, and much much more.

You want making music to be something your child finds fun. More importantly, you want it to be something THEY know they CAN DO.

Children love to play these learning games over and over, filling stickers pages.

The goals of book 0

Here are some of the goals you are working to achieve:

  • To develop a love of music by making it FUN

  • Train student to want to copy the actions of the teacher or parent in a lesson setting

  • Train the student's mind to focus

  • To prepare the child's "Violin Muscles" to do the actions they will need

26 pages
22 Illustrations
20 Games to prepare student for violin playing