Videos of Author Eden Vaning-Rosen

Author Eden Vaning-Rosen performs Estrellita with one of her first students, concert violinist Myra Lin.

The two later meet up to perform together September 30th, 2008 in a special Violin Duo Centennial Commemorative Concert in honor of David Oistrakh.

Eden Vaning and Myra Lin perform a dynamic rendition of the tango, "El Choclo" by Villoldo

The Rosen Duo (Harpist Myor Rosen and Violinist Eden Vaning-Rosen) in performance at the Palm Beach County Airport Concert Series

The Rosen Duo (Harpist Myor Rosen and Violinist Eden Vaning-Rosen) at their concert at the Florida Atlantic University, Hibel Museum of Art Concert Series

Video of that performance:

Violinist Eden Vaning performs Violin Solo in "Die Fledermaus" with members of The New York City Opera, The St. Petersburg Opera and The Florida Orchestra

The Rosen Duo (Harpist Myor Rosen and Violinist Eden Vaning-Rosen) at performance in Stuart, Florida

Violinist Eden Vaning with Tenor Luciano Pavarotti after performing with him at the Tampa Sun Dome Auditorium

Einstein gives a "smoking Hot" performance of Orange Blossom Special, in this humorous musical parody performed by Eden Vaning (in disguise)

Jake Bray (17) performs Paul Hindemith's Trauermusik, "Music of Mourning" on viola, at St. Petersburg College Music Center, Clearwater, Florida, with The Serenade Strings (from the Pinellas Youth Symphony), Conducted By Maestro Lei Liu, on Saturday, February 12, 2011.

Jake was subsequently awarded a full tuition (and room & board) scholarship at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is majoring in Viola Performance. Jake is a product of The Violin and Viola Book system, and he studied viola with Professor Eden Vaning-Rosen. Jake, presently a Sophomore, is Principal Violist with the Vanderbilt University Orchestra.