Family Patriotic

Students love to play Patriotic Tunes and what a wonderful way to honor the values of our country! Get your family and friends together to share in the blessings of playing music together with the Family Patriotic Album by Eden Vaning!

This set has 12 favorite Patriotic songs, with 6 different ability levels from very simple parts for beginners, to more challenging parts for advanced players. These 6 books make it possible for Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Bass Players to be joined by Piano, Guitar, Flute, Singers, Trombone Players, Harp, etc., for hours and hours of fun! Watch a student's enthusiasm spark!

Get the group ready to share music in the community with a PATRIOTIC TOUR! The set comes with a Performance/Practice CD to take to your performances!

The Family Patriotic Album is perfect to use to participate in parades at Fourth of July, bring happiness at retirement centers, for city celebrations, fairs, and to Honor City Heros, Policemen, Firemen! There is no limit to the fun you family can have sharing Patriotic music with others, for years and years to come!

Students speak

"I love playing the violin, and especially playing in parades."
E. T. age 11

"I think it is really important to play for the people who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe, and let them know we appreciate what they are doing for us."
M. M. age 12

Family Patriotic includes six books:

  • Part 1: Piano, Voice & Guitar
  • Part 2: Advanced Violin
  • Part 3: Advanced Viola
  • Part 4: Advanced Cello/Bass
  • Part 5: Easy Parts Violin
  • Part 6: Easy Parts Viola/Cello/Bass
Family Patriotic Practice & Performance CD