Family Holiday Carols

The Holiday Season is a wonderful time to set the fireplace a blazing, heat up the hot chocolate, and invite grandpa and grandma over to share in the fellowship and blessings of music. For hundreds of years families and friends have gathered together to enjoy singing and playing Holiday Carols together.

This very unique set features 12 of your favorite Holiday songs, and is presented in a set of 6 special books. There are very easy parts for new beginners, and these easy parts makes it possible for small children (and even grandma) to play and participate. They are often left out, and want to join in too!

There are intermediate and advanced level parts for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass, Piano, Guitar and Singers, too. These parts are specially created so they can also be played by Flutes, Oboes, Bassoons, Trombones, Harps, and other instruments played by family members and friends.

The set comes with a great Practice and Performance CD, which you can take to Retirement Centers, to Church, or even to play when you bundle up and go out Christmas Caroling!

You will not want to miss getting your Family Holiday Carols soon, to practice and start building your wonderful family holiday memories! You will treasure your Family Holiday Carols as it brings your family joy and happiness, for years and years to come!

Practice & Performance CD
6 Books included: Musical parts for each piece

  • Part 1: Piano, Voice & Guitar
  • Part 2: Advanced Violin
  • Part 3: Advanced Viola
  • Part 4: Advanced Cello/Bass
  • Part 5: Easy Parts Violin
  • Part 6: Easy Parts Viola/Cello/Bass