Violin Book 5: More Bowing Techniques

Now the student learns ways to make the same notes sound different by using the bow more skillfully. Exactly how does one make a song sound quieter or louder, and at what point in the song?

This book covers how to do this, and introduces and explains those Italian terms found every where on music sheets, to help the student select the correct speeds.

Beginning elements of musicality are introduced, such as breathing, relaxed bow control, and in-depth mechanics on the mechanism of producing sound with stringed instruments.

The student learns so many new pieces that he/she is set up to play a wedding or two. Beethoven, Romance, Ode to Joy, Gypsy Love Song, Brahms Waltz, Bach March, Corelli Gavotte, etc. Add the wedding march, polish up the vibrato, rosin up the bow, and...

The clarity and simplicity of the pictures make The Violin Book a joy for anyone to use!

A student practices his bowing technique

What your child will learn in Book 5

  • What are the three things that control the sound of the violin?
  • How to exactly count those dotted note rhythms
  • Exactly why the bow should move across the strings straight, the mechanics of violin sound, and details how vibrations are created by the instrument
  • How sheet music tells you how fast or slow to play
  • In depth work featuring songs emphasizing the beautiful sounds of the lower strings

Includes lots of violin sheet music!

What about the songs? Glad you asked! The student learns another 68 songs in this book. A variety of music is presented to the student. This includes classical pieces from

  • Beethoven
  • Mozart
  • Brahms
right alongside of other 'classics', such as
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  • Kum Bah Yah
  • Mexican Hat Dance

Your child is not being confined to any type of music, but playing a wide variety of different types.

Live Life To The Fullest.
Enjoy Music Making!

178 pages
60 Illustrations