Governor Jeb Bush commends Musical Alternatives

"It is a pleasure to COMMEND Kyle and Katie McCormick for the Vision of recognizing the Importance of serving as Community Volunteers in helping others in the Musical Alternatives Program, under the Direction of Professor Eden Vaning-Rosen.

You serve as stellar examples of the future America, we can look forward to with Pride and Enthusiasm.

I also want to HIGHLY COMMEND your teacher, Professor Eden Vaning-Rosen for the rare insight of training and leading you to place your feet squarely on this path. With Professor Vaning-Rosen's excellent credentials, coupled with her proven stellar ability in high-quality performance and teaching, you are indeed extremely fortunate to be studying with one of the foremost leading music educators in the world today!

I, as Governor of Florida, am genuinely proud that you dedicated teachers are really making a difference in the future of Society in America today!

It is with Pride and Honor that I bestow this COMMENDATION on Professor Eden Vaning-Rosen and her students, Kyle and Katie McCormick, for helping make music more readily accessible to the world."

With warmest regards,
Governor Jeb Bush