The Value of String Music Training

With today's popularity of the Violin, the Celtic Music Craze, Irish & Country Fiddling, Jazz Violin playing, and the marvelous wealth and beauty of the wonderful literature of Classical Music, playing a stringed instrument offers many avenues and adventures. Some of the important virtues of getting involved and sharing the thrill of music making are self-expression, cultivating friendships, and the raising of one's sense of beauty and spirituality.

New studies show additional benefits

But it has been discovered that there is a host of additional values to String Music Training.

One of the major observations by Education Experts across the Nation is that Music Training, specifically the Violin and other stringed instruments, not only creates a more wholesome student through developed appreciation of the Arts, but has been proven in numerous studies and reinforcing documentation by parents that there are many more positive benefits available, such as greatly improved reading, writing and math skills. Children not only receive the benefits of these overall academic improvements, but gain the equally important values of greater self-esteem and self-discipline, which comes as a result of gaining personal competence through the skill of music making.

Better behavior?

String Music Training provides a unique kind of "hands on" practice of skills which nurtures the essential basic mental elements of "focusing of the mind" and the "learning of concentration." Many parents with young children are amazed in the difference String Music Training makes in their child's attitude and behavior in life. Childhood behavioral difficulties have even been reported to "succumb" to the power of confidence in oneself learned through good Music Training.

String playing opens up many exciting new vistas to the player: Travel to performances with youth symphonies and youth groups; summer camp opportunities; joining of Folk Music groups; Jazz Combo's; Irish and Country Fiddling; all the awards and recognitions; and many, many other memorable and uplifting experiences.

Social skills

String Music students receive important social and leadership opportunities as well. Learning to work and perform together in groups and even getting involved in going out and sharing their performance talents with others in the community, students develop their skills in Social Relationships. Students can share their talents with performances at retirement centers and children's hospitals, etc. Valuable lifelong friendships have been and continue to be built from developing musical associations in life. A person who can accomplish something becomes a natural Leader for others, and experiences much more success and happiness in life.

Learning to play violin through the clearly illustrated books from The Violin Book® Series gives the student a solid foundation in all of the Basics needed to experience the benefits of music, as well as giving the student the tremendous advantage of later being able to teach their OWN students successfully, themselves, using these same books. This means that when they are in college or even in high school, they can earn their own pocket money while they also enjoy the experience of fulfillment of sharing their musical talents with others.

Now the best part - College Scholarships

Parents are often thrilled to find out that playing a stringed instrument is one of the BEST OPPORTUNITIES to get a College Scholarship, as good string players are in demand by many universities and colleges. String sections comprise the largest part of college orchestras, so one can even get that full scholarship while minoring in music!

Quality String Training provides an excellent opportunity for a student to acquire a lifelong skill. It provides a vehicle in which not only will the students experience much future enjoyment from their art, but by having this skill, it can also be chosen later to earn a livelihood. Music skills can open many avenues for better jobs and higher salaries resulting in increased income.

In summary, learning to play a stringed instrument adds an EXCITING DIMENSION to a person's life and affords the student opportunities of travel; interesting careers; financial independence; and fun, social involvement leading to a fuller and more enjoyable life.